The Process

Once upon a time, if you wanted to advertise your business or promote your brand there were three ways of doing it:

1) radio  2) print  3) television

Although effective, if done properly, not everyone could afford this type of advertising at a high level. Today, we still have radio, print and television but you would also add internet to the mix. The internet changed the world in how we connect with each other and brands through engagement and interaction. Radio translated into Podcast on the internet. Print became banner ads and tile ads on websites and television expanded to online services such as YouTube and Vimeo. As of today, online marketing and advertising is less expensive than traditional media and in some cases, more effective. The question is how could you get the most of online marketing? How can traditional marketing SUPPORT online marketing?  

Common Situation

Most companies will try various different channels to promote their brand. Problem is, this could get costly. It’s  trial and error and as you can see below, a tangled mess. This may result in having multiple departments or managers managing different sectors of advertising. One for display ads, one for digital video ads… and so on.



The Solution

Brandana stream lines all of your promotion efforts by strategically placing ads on the channels that will work best for your brand and business. Brandana also teaches you how to track your results and ROI. With careful analysis, we could identify your key performance indicators and pin point channels that are not working. Brandana also knows the web very well. There are plenty of tools out there that can help you promote your brand at a very cost effective way… sometimes FREE! As a part of our solutions, we bring all possible options to the table. In the end, we just want to make sure you are happy with your campaign and brand.

The Four Pillars

Communicating any brand to a target audience requires a customized strategy. Although each business has it’s own unique audience or target market, the principles are still the same. We identify these principles with these Four Pillars:  


Your website is your digital storefront so it should be fresh current and extremely user friendly providing an enjoyable experience for your visitors

Get Found

Search is how people find goods and services. Consumers navigate the Internet using services like Google and on-site search. Make sure your website is searchable.

Get Social

Engaging through social media with your community puts a face to your organization. This also creates valuable advocates that will help with your branding efforts.


Once you have all of your campaigns rolling, be sure you measure your results so you could fuel the campaigns that are working and eliminate the ones that don't.


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Branding Make-Overs


Be Proud


Print Services


mac adobe illustrator - Print servicesBrandana’s focus is for our clients to be proud of their brand. So how do we do it? Simple. Great design requires a strategic combination of colour, layout, photography, typography and copy. Just as important is the printing process which we insure that you get the best quality and the best price. Our print design services include:




Social Media


iphone and an ipad - social media servicesFacebook this and Twitter that… is it a fad? No!  Social media has become an integral part of any business not only for marketing but for customer service, HR and internal community engagement. Social media needs to be used and managed properly in order for your business to reap the rewards. It’s not a quick fix or miracle pill for your business but instead a tool much like your telephone or computer.  So, if you want to get LOUD with your brand, social media has to be a part of your strategy.





Let us show you how it’s done:



We create or rework Facebook business pages to be marketable and get more Likes. Brandana creates a stage for you to tell your stories and promote your services.


Brandana brands your profile and purchase promoted Tweets, target specific demographics and increase brand loyalty and sentiment.


We brand your company pages and set up ad campaigns for B2B targeting. Brandana will also create custom career pages for your organizations HR.


We create a fun and educational boards that will appeal to your audience. We also figured out how to monetize this social platform.




Stumbleupon will help with promoting articles and press releases to targeted audiences


We create Brand Channels, video campaigns, mobile ads and provide video collateral management.





Online Serivces


ibook web servicesYour website is the digital storefront of your business. Brandana puts it time in  planning your project to ensure that your website is built properly and is branded strategically to provide an educational and pleasant user experience. We also offer consultative services that will help you maintain activity on your site and keep you proud of your brand. Brandana will help you with:


 Brandana’s Web Design Process:


Your Needs

We start with a design brief that helps us define your goals and needs. What is the purpose of your website? What tools do you need? What are you trying to communicate to your audience?

Content Creation

The next step involves organizing your content. In order to ensure that your website is easy to navigate, we map out the website organization. We build a “wireframe” of all your website pages. These are the blueprints of the page layouts.


Design & Development

Our designers will use right mix of imagery and typography to bring your website design to life. Once approved they are then handed off to be coded. Our team is well versed in standards-based CSS 3/HTML 5 programming as well as a variety of other disciplines like JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and Flash.

Smoke Testing & Deployment

After setting up your hosting and accurately testing your website, it’s ready to go live. We will also offer maintenance and support after the site is launched.





Our motto is “Be loud, be proud“! At Brandana, we believe every company should scream from the mountain tops about how amazing your brand is. Let the world listen and spread the news. In a literal sense, this won’t work but we know what does work.

Many of our clients already have in-house creatives for every day needs, so Brandana also offers design services for overflow and support. Brandana specializes in urgent and short notice project work, like web and graphic design, PR campaigns among other things.  We’ll save you time and money!




Branding Strategy

Content Strategy

Web Design

Print & Package Design

Social Media Community Management




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What Our Clients Are Saying

“It was easy to see his passion for design and his active presence across social media.”


“Brandana has completely transformed my businesss and has made it more profitable than ever.”

Kevin Alvarez Realty

“I highly recommend Bruce Canales, for his creative, superlative work from concept to completion.”

Uber Luxury

“The products were delievered on time and on budget.”





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